Audio Solutions

Music and Sound Integration for a Dynamic Web Experience

Music courtesy of Jasper's Corner.

At 2.0 Design, one of our specialties happens to be audio. We've created websites for a number of bands, and have created audio integration solutions for all of them.

The web isn't just a visual media anymore, and we can help your page sound just as good as it looks. Long gone are the days of Atari-esque beeping and electronic tones; modern HTML supports CD-quality (and better) sound, and we'll help you present that to your audience.

But you don't have to be a musician to want a bit of background music on your page. Audio can be used to create a welcome message, provide pronunciation, or provide sound to accompany certain actions on your page.

We offer sound intehration from full-function music players, with entire catalogs of music, to a simple embedded song or audio file.

If you want to take a step beyond just the visual, we can help. Make page to sound as good as it looks. 2.0 Design has audio solutions to match every need.