Always Coded; Never "Built"

What you don't see makes all the difference.

You don't have to know HTML code, but we do. HTML5, PHP5, and CSS3 are the tools of our trade. And we deal in code, every line, typed code.

We write all our code. Why? Because it guarantees you, the client, a cleaner, faster, better site. That's our goal for you. Not only the site you want, but a site that runs smoothly and quickly, on all platforms.

Gone are the days when everyone used Internet Explorer. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and yes, Internet Explorer; we write for all these browsers and more. Many users aren't even using a computer at all, and we can tailor your site for mobile browser compatibity, or built you a mobile version to optimize your visitors' handheld experience.

safari opera firefox chrome ie9 ie9 iphone android apple windows

Some so called web designers will sell you a page, and then build it with some 1996 technology page builder. If you want a page built in Homestead or Yahoo, you can go ahead and do that. But if you're laying down your hard earned cash, you should never let your web designer take such shortcuts.

Not only does clean code mean you're getting your money's worth, but it also means your page loads faster. The W3 standard for pageload time is 1/10th of one second. You can't even notice that... and you shouldn't. Have you ever gone to a page that took more than 2 seconds to load? Did you stick around?

The web should be instantaneous. We keep our pages streamlined, robust on the front side, but a simple as possible on the back side. This means your page never loses your customers attention. Our commitment to clean code means that you get the most efficient site possible.