Server Migration

Unhappy wih your current web hosting? We can help.

You have a site you're happy with, but it can't keep up with demand? Maybe you've found your bandwidth isn't what it should be, or maybe the server just crashed one too many times. We can help.

There are plenty of discount hosting options out there, some of whom even offer an automated site migration service. But, if you've had any of the above issues, you now understand, you get what you pay for.

What we do at 2.0 Design is different. We deal exclusively with an industry-leading hosting provider, with top-level server options. We'll take you off your fly-by-night server, and move you to space on our servers. Additionally, we'll transfer or re-point your domain (your choice), and we'll do it all with a personal touch; every file, every table, and personally verified file transfer. And because maintain premium server space for all of our clients at once, we can host you for less that the discount hosting companies.

Just give us the information for your old host, and we'll do the rest. We copy down your website, including all your data, images, log-in information, the works. We upload your data to our own secure, industry-leading server space. We handle all the DNS. Your clients and viewers log on one day to your old server, and the next to ours, without ever noticing a change -- except that your site is now faster and more stable. Additionally, you get 2 years hosting from the date the site goes live on our servers, real technical support, and offline back-up if you wish. Contact us, and we'll assess your old hosting, and give you a quote on your new hosting with 2.0 Design.

2.0 Design does not currently support Microsoft .NET, ASPX, or IIS server.